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Forum on Mathematics and Interdiscipline

Sep.  24-36, 2021School of Mathematics and Statistics,Lanzhou UniversityLanzhou · Gansu · ChinaOrganizing Committee:Wan-Tong Li (Chairman of the Organizational Committe),  Lanzhou UniversityWei-Hua Deng, Lanzhou UniversityTing Wei, Lanzhou UniversityZhou-Ping Li, Lanzhou UniversityLiang-Zhang, Lanzhou UniversityZhao-zheng Liang, Lanzhou UniversityXue-Rui Liu, Lanzhou UniversityOrganized byGansu...


International Conference on Reaction-Diffusion Equations Theory and Its Applications in Epidemiology and Ecology

June 28-30,2021School of Mathematics and Statistics,Lanzhou UniversityLanzhou·ChinaOrganizing Committee:Wan-Tong Li (Co-Chair), Lanzhou University, ChinaYuan Lou (Co-Chair), Ohio State University, USAShiguiRuan (Co-Chair), Universityof Miami, USAZhi-Cheng Wang (Co-Chair),Lanzhou University, ChinaYuan He, Lanzhou University, ChinaGuo Lin, Lanzhou University, ChinaJian-Wen Sun, Lanzhou University...


Workshop on Infinite-dimensional dynamical systems and attractors

August 17th-21st 2020, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China.The aim of this Workshop is to bring together experts who works ondiverse frontiers of Infinite-dimensional dynamical systems andtheir applications to survey recent progress and current challenges.VooV/Tencentmeeting webinar links:https://meeting.tencent.com/s/uiblXZG1vSTQMetting ID: 642 6164 2331Topics:Analysis of PDEs;Dissipative D...

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Jiuzhang Forum: Lecture 477

Title:Yangians and their presentationsTime:9:00 a.m.,Dec. 15th, 2021Conference ID:423 657 642( Tencent Conference)
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Jiuzhang Forum: Lecture 475

Reporter:Muzheng ZhuTitle:On TDS-PCG Iteration Method with Circulant Preconditioners for Solving the Space Fractional Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger EquationsTime:4:00 p.m.Location: Room 631, Polytechnic building
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Reporter: Zhong ZhengTitle:On Euler-extrapoated double-step scale splitting method for a class of complex symmetric linear systemsTime:2:00 p.m.,Dec. 11th, 2021Location: Room 631, Polytechnic building
Title:Gluing n-tilting and n-cotilting subcategoriesTime:4:00 p.m.,Dec. 11th, 2021Location: Room 403, Polytechnic building