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International Conference on Nonlocal Dynamical Systems and Applications

Academic Program

June 22-24, 2018

School of Mathematics and Statistics,Lanzhou University,


Organizing Committee:

Wan-Tong Li (Co-Chair), Lanzhou University, China

Yuan Lou (Co-Chair), Ohio State University, USA

Wenxian Shen (Co-Chair), Auburn University, USA

Xuefeng Wang (Co-Chair), SUSTech, China

Chengkui Zhong (Co-Chair),   Nanjing University, China

Xiongxiong Bao, Chang'an University, China

Yuan He, Lanzhou University, China

Guo Lin, Lanzhou University, China

Hong-Rui Sun, Lanzhou University, China

Jian-Wen Sun, Lanzhou University, China

Bin-Guo Wang, Lanzhou University, China

Zhi-Cheng Wang, Lanzhou University, China

Shi-Liang Wu, Xidian University, China

Fei-Ying Yang, Lanzhou University, China

Liang Zhang, Lanzhou University, China

Organized by

School of Mathematics and Statistics, Lanzhou University

Sponsored by

Chinese Mathematical Society

Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Northwest China

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Gansu Key Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Complex Systems

Address:School of Mathematics and Statistics, LanzhouUniversity, Lanzhou, Gansu 730000, People's Republic of China

Plenary Speakers:

1.       Weiwei Ao (Wuhan University)

2.       Emeric Bouin (Universit de Paris IX)

3.       Jian Fang (Harbin Institute of Technology)

4.       Changfeng Gui (University of Texas at San Antonio)

5.       King-Yeung Lam (Ohio State University)

6.       Bingtuan Li (University of Louisville)

7.       Fang Li (Sun Yat-sen University)

8.       Xing Liang (University of Science and Technology of China)

9.       Wei-Ming Ni (University of Minnesota)

10.  Rui Peng (Jiangsu Normal University)

11.  Shigui Ruan (University of Miami)

12.  Wenxian Shen (Auburn University)

13.  Linlin Su (Southern University of Science and Technology)

14.  Hoang-Hung Vo (Vietnam National University)

15.  Mingxin Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology)

16.  Xuefeng Wang (Southern University of Science and Technology)  

17.  Zhian Wang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

18.  Zhi-Cheng Wang (Lanzhou University)

19.  Shi-Liang Wu (Xidian University)

20.  Xiaoqiang Zhao (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Invited Speakers:

1.       Xiongxiong Bao (Chang'an University)

2.       Zhen-Hui Bu (Lanzhou University)

3.       Jia-Feng Cao (Lanzhou University)

4.       Wenjie Ni (Harbin Institute of Technology)

5.       Jia-Bing Wang (Lanzhou University)

6.       Liang Zhang (Lanzhou University)


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