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The Introduction of the School of Mathematics and Statistics

The School of Mathematics and Statistics of Lanzhou University was founded in July, 2004, which is based on the Department of Mathematics of the university. It has been more than 70 years since the inaugural class of mathematical science enrolled in 1946. Under the guidance of two pioneering mathematicians Professor Qingyi Chen and Professor Wenyuan Chen, faculties and students made great progress in both the teaching and researching, and many graduates became the elite members at their operating post. Now the school offers 2 undergraduate programs, 6 master graduate programs, 4 PhD graduate programs and one post doctorate working station. In particular, the school is qualified to grant the doctor degree of level 1 discipline of mathematical science, which means the school can provide all the mathematical education of doctor program in the future.

The teaching and researching body of the School is made up of five researching institute, Pure Mathematics, Computation Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Operational Research and Control Theory, and Branch of Advanced Mathematics. The school also established Laboratory of Science Computation and Integrated Digital Enhanced Network, Laboratory of Financial Mathematics and Engineering, Laboratory of Numerical Simulations and Mathematical Models, which vigorously facilitate both teaching and researching. One public computer classroom is a good supplementary of these institutes and labs. The library of the school collects a great deal of mathematical journals, books and extensive electronic resources.

In the past 30 years, the teaching of the school has been approbated by the students and different institutions. “Mathematics and Applied Mathematics” is aspecial major of Ministry of Education ofChina. The pure mathematical education is supported by the Department of Education of Gansu Province, which is also called the Province Base for the Training of Researching and Teaching Personal for Mathematics. The level 1 discipline of mathematical science is also an emphasis major of Gansu Province.

During these years, the School of Mathematics and Statistics always combines the undergraduate education, graduate training and mathematical researching as a single object, which is also the nucleus work of the school. From start to finish, the school regards the construction of courses as the goal, the development of faculty members as the key, the teaching and researching as the foundation to make greater progress.